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Barbell Front Squats


  • Start your position standing straight with feet about shoulder width apart, perhaps a bit wider is also acceptable. You can point your toes forward or slightly facing out Essentially the same direction as your knees are facing.

  • Place the bar (or position yourself below) behind your clavicles and fairly close to your throat. This position get easier with more practice. Lift your chest up and be sure to look forward for the full range of motion of the squat. Looking up or looking down is dangerous for your neck and can cause injury. Keep your elbows high as your palms balance the weight near the center point of the bar.

  • Perform the movement as a regular squat, squatting down to a parallel position and then coming back up, pushing through your heels to the fully extended starting position. Repeat.


  • Remember, as a regular squat your body is supposed to do the work and lifting, not your hands. You can also vary your grip from the typical bodybuilding crossed armed grip or power lifting version of a clean grip - both have their advantages and disadvantages and you must find out what works for you.

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