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Our Testimonials

Dennis Gym's clients have achieved inspiring results, not only in losing weight and attaining their fitness goals, but in changing their lives for the future as well. Here are just some of the many success stories we have received. 

​Gilbert Yeo, Doctor

Dennis created a personalize training according to my fitness conditions. The structure of the training is well organized, that I am able to improve as I progress. Dennis also possesses excellent interpersonal communication skill. I feel relax and comfortable chatting with him while training. This made the training much more relaxing after a day of work. I have total confidence in his knowledge and experience, and he is ever ready to share tips and experience to improve fitness. There is no regret of having Dennis as a personal trainer.

​Anna, Housemaker

I had joined Dennis Gym as a gym member in 2010 . After a few months i decided to approach Mr Dennis to be my personal trainer for a year plus. I had lost 40kg til now. I must really thanks Mr Dennis as i had never imagine that i could achive this weight loss. The results I have achieved to date are largely due to Mr Dennis' paitence. His encouragements really motivated me and keep me going. Thank you Mr Dennis.

​Louis, Airport Operation Manager

Being a formal athlete, I thought losing a few pounds was an easy job. After a few months, i realize that the condition of my body did not improve and that I was wasting time, money and energy. Adrain has the ability to make the best out of a 45 minute workout and two months later, I finally achieved my desired physique.


Louis Lost 6 kg with Dennis Gym

Joyce Chen, Nurse

i had approach DennisGym and levia has been my personal trainer for the last 6 months, however within that short time period, I have formed the opinion that Levia is an excellent personal trainer. She has gone to great lengths to make me more enthusiastic about my personal fitness and has prepared a specific program for me to follow. I feel much healthier and have lost 12 kgs. Her energy and attitude, her extensive knowledge of the human body and his ability to understand his client's needs make her a very good personal trainer.

Joyce lost 12 kg with Dennis Gym

Mei, Denist

I used to be 73 kg before I meet Dennis, he give me motivation and let me set my dream goal.3 years ago as a mother of 1  and sadly overweight - I was unfit and out-of-shape but found it hard to get back into exercising - something I've done on and off over the years but have never been able to keep up for an extended period of time. Now, instead of something I should do, my training sessions are something I look forward to and derive a great sense of achievement from. It is fun, personal and most importantly, I can see and feel how my body is changing for the better. Dennis has worked out a programme suited to my specific needs and goals and keeps adding to it as I progress and to keep it interesting. he has also helped me with nutritional advice and guidance on my out of gym training sessions to keep me motivated and challenge me. I have never been an athlete but Dennis have motivated me to completed in the lady fitness, and I have won bronze ! I could never have achieved this without Dennis’s advice, motivation and interest in my achievements. I especially appreciate that Dennis understands the need to “have a life” and are creative in finding ways to achieve goals without giving up your social life and the things you enjoy.

Macus, 2011 Nationals Bodybuilding Champion Sr >85kg 2nd

Dennis expertise in training and nutrition, turn me into a muscle building and fat loss machine. Under his guidance I am able to step up the stage to complete in a bodybuilding competition. Dennis foundation on his fitness is rock solid. He assesses my diet habit carefully and alters accordingly to cater for my fitness goal. Along with his unique and advance training technique, I have never failed to improve. With Dennis I believe I definitely can achieve my dreamed physique.

I have been piling weight ever since i had started office job. I was so depressed after so many people commented that i look FAT. So I started to browse the internet and found Dennis Gym website. After looking at it, i had decided to give it a try. Training under Levi has been rewarding. He has taught me that to have quick fix one must have time, dedication and hard work.
Dennis always motivates and educates me by making me to focus on the correct activation of each muscle group on each exercise. He makes me work very hard yet he's good fun and very patient. He's a very skilled fitness professional and always happy to offer me nutritional advices to keep me on track and my mindset positive if I have a setback.
Last but not least, I managed to lose a lot of weight, tone up, and improve my general fitness. Thank You Levi!

Raine had lost 13kgs with Dennis Gym


Marketing Manager

J.C, Consultant

Dennis Gym is like gym in oasis in a busy city – professional, well-equipped, spotless, pleasant and run by awarm and friendly team. Training with Dennis is something I look forward to every week. He is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and willing to share his insights. With his rich experience, he has an intuitive feel for how far to push his clients for maximum results and yet stay perfectly safe and injury-free. Given my busy schedule, Training with Dennis definitely brings maximum results within the limited time I have. Looking forward to more great training!

Zhi Qi, 2009 Nationals Bodybuilding Championship

As an experienced trainer and bodybuilder himself, Dennis got me started by introducing me to the proper training techniques and the right diet. Under his guidance, I was able to make remarkable progress and even won a silver medal in the Pesta Sukan Bodybuilding Championship after a year of training.

Throughout these few years, I was impressed by Dennis as he is able to design different training and dieting programmes that fix my lifestyle. I for sure have benefit greatly from him . He is also been a great trainer as he always have ways to make me yield for maximum results from my workouts. This is unlike most trainers who I have been trained before, who just give me a  fixed or seem similar programme to me to follow.

Besides teaching me the correct exercise techniques, Dennis is also an great excellent motivator. Me sometimes tend to give up training.  Dennis has helped me to overcome this mental barrier and train consistently. Three years ago after my A’Level examinations, I was left discouraged as my physique was in a very poor condition due to a prolonged lack of training. I was on the verge of giving up training totally but Dennis spurred me on and inspired me to train regularly again. Under his patient guidance and constant motivation, I was able to get back in shape and emerge as one of the top finalists in the National J Bodybuilding Championships a few months later.

I would strongly recommend Dennis to anyone who wishes to improve their health and physique through personal training, as not only is he capable of assisting you with your training and diet, he would also be able to help you keep up with your goals in the long run. Thanks  dennis!

When I started training with Levi, he helped me to change my eating habits.  I eat so much more healthy now and as a result have better muscle definition to show for it and I feel better.  The weight training helped me develop great definition and feel more powerful  for my photo shoots.  I’ve gotten so many compliments from friends and family. Levi  absolutely cuts you no slack, but you feel great as a result.  So it’s about feeling more powerful as well as being more powerful.  He’s the man.( Levi International Bodybuilding Champion and Top in Asia MuscleMania)


P.J  Gain 10 kgs of Muscle Mass with DennisGym

Jen Li Sheng, 2008 Champion of Challenge 

Dennis taught me all about nutrition, as well as how to train correctly. Till today, I’m using his advice in my pursuits in strength sports. As my trainer cum buddy , he constantly sought to upgrade himself in his knowledge of sports science in order to be up to date with the latest happenings in the field. And he was a damn nice guy as well! Thanks Dennis!

Steve, Student

YP my instructor is so knowlegable. He teach me the real proper way of training. The proper way of dieting too. Only from his training, i realise that i had followed the training and

fitness tips online wrongly!

(YP former Trainer fr Fitness First)​ Steve Lost of 10 kgs

Elton Lim, 2007 Champion of National J Bodybuilding 

I approached Dennis  in 2005  and taken his weight Training programme.  Under his supervise, I have made large vast of improvements throughout the years in this sport and have enabled me to represent Singapore on a couple of occasions. Without him, I would not have made the improvements and achievements today. He always coaches with patience and fun in it. He is always willing to teach and share from his vast knowledge of training and fitness. As a bodybuilder himself, his specialized skills are hypertrophy for muscle gains and fat loss when preparing for competitions. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer to help achieve his or her goals. I have attached a couple of pictures to show the improvements I have made over the few years of his guidance.

Dave, Student

I was frustrated at myself, angry and not motivated... I tried to gym myself and had reached a wall in my gyming routine. So i decided to get a personal trainer. I started surfing the net and came across the Dennis Gym website. I called them and signed up Mr Dennis's package. To say that Mr Dennis is extremely good trainer is an understatement. He is more-much  much more than that!!! Extremely professional, friendly, competent, knowledgeable and i could go on... He goes the extra mile to make you feel good and is always there to give then extra push just when you feel you cant do it anymore. His sessions are very engaging and as much i don't like some exercises i have started enjoying them - well some of them at least. It's been about 6-7 weeks now since i started and i feel GREAT about myself. Friends and schoolmates have noticed the change in body size and it makes me feels good! I have a long way to go, but i would not have been able to do it without Mr Dennis.

Jia De, Student

I have been training with Adel for few months  now and I find Adel to be a great motivator in the Personal Training Sessions. He pushes me above and beyond my own fitness level which has been good for my success. During our training sessions Chris varies the exercises so that I do not get  bored doing the same thing each session.

The training sessions are always a lot of fun. I would recommend Adel as a trainer to anyone who is serious about getting fit. ( Adel Former Senior Fitness First Trainer)


JD, Gain 8 kg of Muscle Mass, from 61kg to 69kg

J.C, Consultant

I feel very fortunate for having found John. I was in search of a work-out regimen that I would stay committed to in order to look my absolute best for my upcoming wedding. John has done a fabulous job. Not only has he created a personalized routine for me, but his encouragement, praise and humor create an atmosphere that motivates you to push yourself to the maximum extent possible. I have worked with many trainers at gyms throughout the city; there is no trainer like John.

- Tasnima, housewife

Wana is a brilliant trainer; she not only helped me with weight loss, which I thought was the only thing I needed to work on, but the finer points of "physique management" like keeping the muscles toned and tight thur her yoga, shaping the body effectively with weights without bulking me up and her dietary knowledge is better than anyone I have ever met before.

- Ong Wei Ting, Bank Executive

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