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About Dennis Gym

Started in 1998, our Famous Coach Mr Dennis Tew (Former Singapore Bodybuilding Federation Coach) together with his group of fitness specialists, Dennis Gym has been providing quality fitness training services to individuals and some of the largest health club organizations of the bodybuilding industry.


Our Vision is to give every individual the opportunity to live a fit and healthy vibrant life.

Dennis Gym is here to provide an unique, feels like home environment which anyone can be comfortable in. The warm friendly smiles from our staff , who know and care about you and your goals, will help you to forget the pressures and outside worries while you concentrate on yourself.
Dennis Gym offers first-class recreational environment with top notch new  fitness equipments, which are built on medical and scientific foundation. Our philosophy is to provide the best facilities with great motivation energy for people of all ages, shapes and sizes. 

Dennis Gym's fitness specialists are not only certified trainer holders, most of them are also top national athletes and body building champion achievers too!  Their achievements and track records with their clients speak for themselves.


​Dennis Gym has been internationally & locally recongize


*Awarded by Singapore Prime Minister!

*Former National Shuttler Mr Ronald Susilo Visit - March 2010

*Singapore Special Olympics Executive Committee

 Mr Koh Guan Hoe Visit - April 2010

*MP Jessica Tan (East Coast GRC) & MP Ellen Lee (Sembawang GRC)

 Visits - April 2010

*Former Minister Mr George Yeo Visit - April 2011

*WBPF World Men's Bodybuiling Championships (6th Men)

 Mr Nelson Totanes Visits - Nov 2011

Asia General Secretary of Asian Body building Federation,Visit in 2010 Year
*Overseas General Secretary of Republic of China, Visit Dennis Gym in Year 2012
*Overseas Bodybuilding Champions, Visit Dennis Gym in Year 2011

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