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*Diploma of Health Science
*American Muscle and Fitness Personal Trainer

*American Muscle and Fitness Sport Nutritionist
*FISAF Personal Trainer Certification
*International Fitness Association Fitness

 Trainer Certification
*American College of Sport Medicine Group

 Exercise Leader Certification
*Fitness Instructor Certification FIC (Singapore

 Sport Council)
*Basic Exercise Course BEC (Singapore Sport


Dennis's Voice

Hi guys, I'm Dennis.  Over the last ten years I have helped hundreds of  locals and expats in losing

weight, burn fats and get lean in record time.

Some of my clients asked me why I want to do this as my career?

Well... It is because I know exactly what it feels like to be a "bui kia" (meaning fat guy in my dialect). It is an extremely terrible and frustrating feeling.  Being fat had led me to spend lots of time and dollars to research and studying for the best and most effective methods of burning the unwanted stubborn fat

In the past while learning, I had made millions of mistakes in training and nutrition.  I also had injurires and of course setbacks because there is just so much misleading, untrue - information out there in the internet, fitness, nutrition, beauty and diet health market that doesn't works.




But now, after all the nonsense I have been through.  I learned exactly - what really works, also knowing what is the most effective with World Wide Fitness, Body Building and Sports Champions.

The thousands of hours of study and practical experience helped me design and tailor made program that helps all my clients each year into the best shape of their lives. 


Now I am glad to transform my clients to not only healthy shapes,

but also from obesity to their best form for competition.


Dennis Tew

Director of Dennis Gym


Grade "A" Asian Judge

Asian Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation
Secretary  of Medical & Doping Committee

Asia Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation
Council Board Member of

South East Asia Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation
Vice President

Singapore Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation

*2003 National Men’s Open Category Bodybuilding Championship - Silver
*2003 National (J) Bodybuilding Championship – Gold
*Malaysia Singapore International Bodybuilding Championship – Gold
*Coach for Maldives Bodybuilders, preparation for South Asian 
 Bodybuilding Championship 2005
* Team Leader for Singapore athletes for South East Asia Games,
 Asian Games and World Games/Championships
*2012 International Judge for World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports

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