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Barbell Shrugs


  • This movement is performed in a standing position. Preferably by a squat rack to make it easier to grab the barbell and lower it safely down again once done.

  • Stand with your knees slightly bent. Grasp the barbell shoulder width, be sure to get a firm grip with palms facing in. You may use wrist straps to relieve forearm strain if you use a heavy weight.

  • Now, raise the barbell from its support and raise your shoulders as high as you can keeping your arms close to your sides without bending at your elbow.

  • Hold for 1-2 seconds, contracting the muscle. Then release back down to the starting position.


  • This is an excellent movement for training your trapezius muscles. The key in this exercise is to let your trapezius raise your shoulder, without jerking it up.

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