Dennis Gym offers wide range of flexible memberships to meet your unique needs and budget; these range from 3 months to a year agreements, and if you commit to your health & fitness longer term, we’ll commit to you by giving you the best possible membership rate available. Check out the various club membership & packages options below.

*Student Membership - Special price for

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For the Upfront payment will be having a great discount, and we offer flexible payment too, so do call us now for more detail.


Why Consider Hiring a Personal Trainer ?

1. You're Not Seeing Results

2. You Don't Know Where to Start

3. You're Bored With the Same Old Workouts

4. You Need to Be Challenged

5. You Want to Learn How to Exercise on Your Own

6. You Need Accountability and Motivation

7. You Have a Specific Illness, Injury, or Condition

8. You're Training for a Sport or Event

9. You Want Supervision, Company, and Support During Workouts

When you are just starting out with an exercise program or you aren't seeing results with your current routine, Dennis Gym personal training program can give you the help you need. Knowing how you can benefit and whether it will be worth the expense can help you decide whether this is a good choice for you.




Do visit us daily at 12pm to 8pm for walk in and appt.

Gyms are all 24hrs Operational.

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